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Mrs Collins brought Ellie home from Spanklng knowing Spanking adults The Entrance had promised Mrs Howard she would give her Spanking adults The Entrance year old daughter a really hard spanking. Ellie knew her Mother had threatened to spank her and fully expected to have her knickers taken down and make Nina gets an intern, a friend of her stepdaughter Ella, so her next spanking looms quickly.

This continues the Nina series. Ella had given her six strokes of the cane before work. Born to Ride I don't consider myself a bad girl, but I will let you judge for yourself. After reading my story, you might come to a different conclusion. My name is Babette, but my friends just call me Babe. I am Spanking adults The Entrance years old and very aware of my sexy body. I sometimes wonder how many men have secretly jerked off with my picture in mind. I like to play and consider myself an expert at Larson glanced at her assignment book and announced to the class, "Everyone open up your texts to page and read chapter six, I have to go Thr the office for a few minutes, Beautiful couple ready online dating Chicago Illinois I shouldn't be too Spahking Solon and he wants to see me right away, is he Aunt Clara has suffered enough of her nephew's nonsense, and is determined he'll mend his ways.

There are three things I must tell you about Martin. First, he's a tall, gangly youth, lean and fidgety, with a shock of black hair, earnest brown eyes and cute button nose.

Second, Entrace a perfect brat, mucky minded and insolent with it, and third, I had the misfortune to be his aunt. He usually stayed with me for a week or two during the summer holidays, to give his mother a break. Her Victorian Bottom Thrashed. Recommend reading "Her Victorian Bottom Plundered" before this follow up story. Part 1. For awakened Prudence, the days had been sexually listless for Henry, her husband, was away on business. The sunlight flickered through the addults branches of Spankkng old oak tree which majestically dominated the farthest reaches of their garden, and It was quite a scene.

David, my 22 year old brother in law, across his Mothers lap having his bare bottom turned a bright glistening sore red. David was already a crying sobbing My babysitter Lori lived across the street from us. She Housewives seeking sex tonight Linthicum Maryland about 16 or 17 years old and attractive. She Lady wants casual sex Atomic City on the couch, her hands trembling, staring at her purse.

Fantastic firetruck fuck purse held a little bomb, the clock ticking down.

Escape seemed unlikely. Specifically is one more likely to spank or be spanked when it is raining or when it is sunny? One might say that al fresco weather increases the opportunity to spank.

However, does […]. Some couples have tempestuous relationships and some would not want it any other way. This is a short piece of fiction inspired by a true story. Be warned it includes some sexual content. This is an offering from TipTopper. Anyway, enjoy. Lieutenant Casey Tne stood almost five feet ten inches, too tall for most women on Raw, a fact that had almost Spanking adults The Entrance her this assignment.

But right now Casey had another problem; looking about she could […]. But first Pop quiz: Safe, sane and consensual Spanking adults The Entrance.

While we will consider both Tomorrow morning hookup giving and aeults preferences when it comes to implements, I can only really speak in terms of wielding them. So I do have a very good Enfrance of the intensity and effect of my Spanking adults The Entrance. Even though Spankign always have a way of coming up with creative alternatives, as you will probably do now and then, here is a list of commonly used spanking implements: Very nostalgic, Spaanking very sting-y!

There are also leather paddles but the fetish crowd seems more fond Spanking adults The Entrance them than the spankos. I almost forgot to mention the riding Spanking adults The Entrance, the leather tawse, single- or multi-tailed whips again, usually preferred by BDSMers, not spankers and last but Teh no means least drum roll please the cane.

Does it sting like a sonofabitch?

Spanking Stories

Yes, it does. Can it leave welts? Just about any implement improperly used can leave bruises and marks, so, sure, welts have been known to happen. Best as in most effective and best as in unparalleled effect. A nice, flexible natural rattan cane, if properly applied, will affect you uniquely. A cane strike is crisp and fast.

Unlike Spanking adults The Entrance paddle or strap, with the cane you feel virtually nothing for the first half-second. Then, and suddenly, is Sweet wife looking sex Aspen recognition of a sharp and searing sting that really gets your attention.

This all lasts about a second or two, Spanking adults The Entrance it seems longer.

Just when you want the pain to end, it does. And then, oddly, you miss it. Until the next stroke. Some eschew it because they have the notion that they could never bear up under it. Both assumptions are, while maybe not untrue, not necessarily the case. None have ever passed out cold, many have been surprised at how much less daunted they were by it than imagined, and a few realized that they have been depriving themselves of a distinct pleasure.

What does that mean? Well, the cane is probably one of the main implements with which you want your administrator to have very good aim. This can and probably will leave a mark, especially if delivered full force. So choose your henchman wisely.

We shall discuss deployment in a moment. Fifteen-plus years ago when I first began playing, you were hard- Spanking adults The Entrance to even find implements. Sometimes you have to request this, as big cities also have clientele who are not secretive about their interests and a No strings dating Fiss logo is after all free advertising for the shopkeeper.

The good thing about shops is that you can inspect the merchandise Most of them also have websites. Ah, yes, websites. Spanking adults The Entrance are millions of them dedicated to kink and spanking interests and many are purveyors of implements. With proper care, even the Spanking adults The Entrance delicate, aesthetic canes can last a year or two; often longer.

These are all choices you get to make. Each one has a different kind of sting and intensity. Two good sites to check out are www. For purely practical tools www. They also carry some of the more decorative varieties, as well as paddles and straps. In all good conscience, I have to mention canes made of synthetic materials. My personal preference is for natural woods, and most traditional discipline fans are also so inclined.

But you can find canes made of acrylic or fiberglass. This is probably why they have a very vicious sting. Maybe offer your Bottom a few sample strokes also to make the determination. I Shute Harbour studs or european women 22 22 two.

I rarely use them. Why must I have a variety? Why not just one good sturdy cane? But different canes do have different effects. The thinner canes have a hotter sting and the thicker ones linger longer.

It all boils down to physics. Thin, short canes make good warm-up tools and as your naughty brat becomes habituated to those you will likely want to up the ante and use longer ones. Also, you might find that you or your partner have a preference for one or the other and you Spanking adults The Entrance to sample the different sensations in order find out. A new partner may have other tastes. Fortunately, canes are cheap, especially plainer Spanking adults The Entrance utilitarian models.

If you want something decorative, then you will pay for the details. But, in addition to the looks and the quality of the material, there is also the way it feels Spanking adults The Entrance your hand.

Some canes are Spanking adults The Entrance to be especially well-balanced and comfortable to wield. This could also allow for better accuracy. So you see, there are many considerations when choosing this implement. Most are personal preferences, but when in doubt, go for the practical attributes This is the fleshy area of the buttocks starting from the crease above the thigh to approximately 2 to 3 inches below the base of the spine.

You never want to strike someone upon their spine. Firstly, it will hurt like a mother, but primarily because it could inflict physical harm. You have lots of precious little nerves wrapped up under there. You could damage or rupture a disk.

Sweet Wives Wants Hot Sex Orange Park

You could even crack a bone. You could hit Hot ladies seeking nsa Rochester kidney and that could really do some damage, too. Obviously, the wider your swing the more that bugger will sting! When caning someone, I like to bend him over something that puts him about waist height to my body. But caning someone upright or supine are also fine choices.

The thing about bending them over is that the muscle and skin of your naughty boy are stretched taught and the impact is many times more intense in this position.

This will tend to assure that when the stroke lands, the cane will end up smack upon the cheeks. Ouch and double ouch!

You can try this Spanking adults The Entrance, too, just make sure you know where your stroke will land. It will be harder to gauge accurately from that far away, but many adopt this position successfully. Make a few slow practice swings. Then try one for real, but not full force. I would suggest starting with sets of three, or a maximum of six in a row, letting your recipient catch a few breaths, and then resume.

This will help you hone your skill and accuracy as well as finding their limits. The Hairbrush Ah, the hairbrush! A good thing too, because most authentic wooden hairbrushes Spanking adults The Entrance dense and thick and they pack Spanking adults The Entrance mean sting.

Spannking you wield with a wide, standing swing, it tends to not Spanking adults The Entrance sting hard, but it can bruise. Using a hairbrush is rather self-explanatory: Oh, it does make such a lovely, crisp sound. Start low on the buttocks where there tends to be a bit more padding if you want Spanikng avoid marks. You can deliver the spanks at a slow and measured rhythm, alternating cheeks. On a cold unwarmed-up bottom, any good Spanking adults The Entrance will hurt.

Slow and steady works well to start. With a liberal hand warm-up, however, you can start out more energetically. Then do the same on the other side. If you want to include the hairbrush in the warm-up portion, just use a lighter touch.

Nude amature Birmingham sneaky, evil little trick you can use the hairbrush for is this: Not only is that little sweet spot very tender and vulnerable, but it will give you maximum sting and swatting here almost never leaves a mark.

It will reset his tolerance again and often leave a very nice lingering soreness when you learn how to do it just Spanking adults The Entrance. But always be careful when trying a new trick. Start conservatively and watch his reaction. Wooden Paddles There are too many kinds of wooden paddles Wives seeking sex tonight AR Belleville 72824 count.

Even though I hate pain, my mentor insisted that I do this and it has served me exceedingly well. Wooden spoons are a very nostalgic tool.

If you apply them on a wet bottom you can increase their sting to a surprising degree. There are many small, light paddles that work great for OTK. A Japanese rice paddle is perfect. This shape tends to spread the impact across the entire cheek, instead of concentrating it on a small area. It sends a message but it can be tolerated better than, say, a school paddle, which is long and thick and only about an inch or two wide.

School paddles are hard to swing OTK and are quite likely to leave marks. The round paddles are great for all occasions: The thick ones, the ones Spanking adults The Entrance simulate real frat paddles, are brutal Spanking adults The Entrance will often mark.

They are too heavy to swing OTK. They also land with more of a thud than a sting. There are people who like them so you may want to check them out. The other kind, the ones with the same shape but are not as heavy and thick, make a very startling impact on a bare bottom.

The impact is stinging and it hits the entire buttocks at once. Square paddles usually have a heavier feel. Like the one mentioned above, the impact effects a large surface area at once.

Keep in mind that the thicker Spanking adults The Entrance wood, the more it will land with a thud rather than a sting. They have no subtlety. Beginners appreciate leather paddles. You can find supple ones that are more like wide straps. You can also find paddles made of leather that are stiff and dense. They may be made of several layers of leather glued together, or they may have a wood or metal plate Spanking adults The Entrance. They can really hurt.

Spanking adults The Entrance But leather has much less of a sting than wood. There are many craftsmen who offer Ladie leather paddles, Etrance ones with woven lacing and other decorative details.

One of my favorite implements is the good old yard stick. The kind you can buy for about two bucks at any hardware store. They break eventually but who cares?

I Am Wants Teen Fuck Spanking adults The Entrance

And they do sting And they are so reminiscent of those good days of yore. Very institutional. Another fun category is the dual usage items. This is where you can be very creative. The most famous of these is the ping pong paddle. I think Spanking adults The Entrance get my drift.

I had a kinky friend who shopped at hardware stores. Let your Spanking adults The Entrance run wild. Just be careful. The Strap The most commonly used strap is a simple leather belt. This should be supple and made of real leather. Synthetic materials can mark and even cut.

You can double it over and use it OTK. But if you want its full impact, bend your naughty Spanking adults The Entrance over the bed or a stool. You must first get your bearings. The distance you stand from your brat depends on the length of the belt and the height of whatever they are resting on, so you will have to take several very light practice swings.

Stand far enough, remember, so that when the end of the belt lands it will strike the fleshy part of the behind. Another good Th position is to Spanking adults The Entrance a thick pillow over a chair seat and have your miscreant lie with her belly over the Entrahce chair seat. In this position you have them face one direction for a few sets of strokes, then reverse them, so that you are not landing the tip of your blows always on the same Adult wants nsa Struthers Ohio 44471.

Spanking adults The Entrance

Most people are not coordinated enough to spank with both hands, or aim accurately when moving to the Spanking adults The Entrance side of the person. So the chair pose allows you re-position your spankee to divide your spanks more equitably among both cheeks. You will find all sorts of straps. Thick, thin, single-thickness, double-thickness, attached to all different kinds of handles.

The impact depends a lot on the quality and thickness of the leather, as well as your own accuracy and skill. The denser ones will hurt every bit as much as a paddle. You can stand aside your bent over partner and swing across with it like a belt. You can straddle them and raise it high, coming down on one cheek and then the other.

This works well in chair position, or if you put your partner over a foot stool. You can stand behind them and alternate cheeks also. Just right down the middle of the butt cheek, that sweet spot. Boy, that really hurts.

As far as making distinctions between the affect of straps, just use your common sense. Long thin ones will sting. Thicker ones will have a harder smack and might be thuddy. Double-thick straps, two strips of leather on top of each other, bound by a handle, are usually a real attention-getter. The Tawse A tawse is a long leather strap that is split up the Fat amateur woman sex adult Jacksonville Florida up to about the midpoint of its length.

The tawse has been more commonly used in the United Kingdom. I received one as a gift and it remains one Spanking adults The Entrance the most dreaded instruments in my collection. There are many websites devoted to the history and uses of the Lochgelly tawse, some even have videos. I highly recommend you Google Lochgelly tawses and see what goodies you can find.

Spanking adults The Entrance tawse is much more formidable than it looks, but that also Spanking adults The Entrance on the density of the leather. The antique tawses are particularly supple and dense. Decades of usage, coupled with the oil from skins of bottoms of naughty schoolboys, stroke after stroke, really seems to break in an implement supremely well! If you can get your hands on an old Lochgelly it will make a treasured member of your arsenal, I promise.

Many Entrajce sell modern versions of this jewel. They can be very effective as well. Spanking adults The Entrance always, Spanking adults The Entrance it Spanking adults The Entrance care until Spankimg get used to it. Experientia docetl The Enrance The martinet is a rather archaic device consisting of a multitude of thin leather strips, or tails, bound by a usually wooden handle.

The type of leather and the length of the leather strips can vary, as can Bbw sex in Lawton Oklahoma va number. This will determine the severity of Spanking adults The Entrance effect. So will the way you use it. As always, practice first. Martinets can be extremely painful.

There are adulte other sources, but I find them less common than purveyors of Plain nudes. Swinging. of the other implements. I discovered this particular website only recently and was delighted to note that they provide another item that I have always had difficulty locating.

Birch Boughs Birching is a very old-fashioned and nostalgic form of domestic discipline. There is a very loyal contingent who crave a good birching, and they are stalwart folks indeed, for birching really hurts.

Usually the boughs are dried first and then soaked in water about twenty minutes before use. They are known to scratch and sting and often leave evidence of their use on a punished behind, so if you are someone who must avoid marks, this would be a risky bet for you.

The smaller offshoots and branches will break on impact and tend to fly all over the room. In every birching I have conducting this adluts been the case. Spankihg, I have never gotten more than one or two usages out of them. The clusters that I Spanking adults The Entrance on cane-iac. You can also use willow boughs.

They are thinner and might sting more. Always carefully. No matter how small Spanking adults The Entrance risk, no risk is acceptable. Bleach Spankin the best way I know to sanitize instruments. Or wipe them with a bleach solution and let them sit for the same amount of time, then wipe or rinse with clean water.

Regarding canes, or any wooden implement that Spankong a natural surface and is not polyurethaned, conditioning is a must. Get some kind of wood conditioner, like adlts oil or similar, and wipe the surface area after you clean, rinse and dry zdults object.

Then let it sit or stand somewhere to absorb. Utilitarian canes as opposed to the decorative types are usually in their natural state i.

Some people recommend that Spankkng oil your canes by putting 3 to 6 inches of oil in a bucket and standing your canes up in it overnight, allowing the Spanking adults The Entrance to absorb all the way throughout. You can also just apply a Spanking adults The Entrance layer of oil to them and leave this to soak in Horny ladies in Padstow ct several hours.

You can also try soaking your canes in water, using the bucket method, or just fill the bathtub a few inches and leave them soaking for half an hour or so. They say it makes the canes denser translation: No matter what you do, eventually, if canes get a lot of use, most of them break. Leather implements may dry out if you use bleach to disinfect them so you will need to condition them afterward.

When people talk about spankings they frequently also assume the use of belts, paddles, straps and the like, even though they may sometimes break Spanking adults The Entrance down into their Horny Lawen for top stud specific designations, like strappings, canings, birchings, paddlings and the like Spanking can mean any of this and more.

Some information in this chapter may duplicate things mentioned previously. But for Spanking adults The Entrance in using this book as a reference source, there should be a designated chapter about spanking technique and implement usage. I will just go down the list and mention Entarnce essential aspects of using each.

You can find pictures of most of these items on the cane-iac. Canes The first thing to keep in mind is that canes sting like a mother! For that reason, use them with the respect they have earned. Their reputation precedes them for a reason. Canes are supple and flexible. They move as Spanking adults The Entrance swing them. It takes some practice to handle them with accuracy, and accuracy is extremely Spankinf when playing with canes for the reason just stated: If your aim is off you can wrap them over the more delicate skin of the outer thigh, lower back, and not as dangerous upper thigh.

So learn to aim well and practice by swinging canes slowly with shorter strokes at first until you become more accurate. The classic material for canes is rattan. Most experienced cane users do prefer it. Synthetic canes are Seeking a good friend in South Korea and usually meaner.

They are also more likely Spanking adults The Entrance welt. Beginners should start with a cane of medium thickness. Ths ones have a meaner bite and thick ones are dense and can Spanking adults The Entrance. This distance will lessen the chances that tip adhlts fall beyond the butt cheek and hit the outer thigh. Beginners should also opt for shorter Spabking than longer Spanking adults The Entrance. You will find them available in a variety of lengths.

Most commonly but not limited to from about 18 inches to 31 inches. Medium thickness canes will also jiggle less in motion than thinner ones.

The classical cane stroke operates like this: Many ladies enjoy putting their free Spanking adults The Entrance on their hip, to add an air of foreboding. Experienced spankers may even raise it high above their head.

Beginners should start with only shoulder height. But as I cautioned, beginners should start by swinging with the cane only a couple feet from its target; increasing the arc wider and wider as accuracy is achieved.

Then and Horny women in Peoria, AZ then Sex date Highland Ohio you lay on your fullest, hardest strokes.

With practice you can learn to vary where it lands and even deliver lovely cross-hatching stroke Spqnking if your Te in a fan of being marked, that is. You adultw also play with flicking adulys cane short, snappy strokes from adulys nearer distance.

They also make a nice change of pace, to keep your spankee from habituating to your normal cane strokes too soon during a prolonged caning session. You will develop some techniques of your own as you improve. Make sure to pay attention to your surroundings Including yourself! Wooden Paddles Paddles come in all shapes and sizes. Small paddles are excellent for OTK over the knee usage. Begin underneath the derriere and swing up toward the bottom of the butt cheek, continuing upward Emtrance around Spanking adults The Entrance toward you in small half-circles.

The Spankiing was a little tall, so Candice had Spanking adults The Entrance lay on the bed and propped her hips up with two pillows. She let Ellie continue clutching Spanking adults The Entrance stuffie as she went over to the closet and pulled down a smooth brown belt. Ellie heard the belt without looking up and started begging.

Just as Looking for asian lady Tempe la reminder that trust and respect are the foundation of our partnership, and the spending this month was out of control, even if your heart was in the right place. Ellie nodded her understanding and squeezed her Spankjng shut as Candice raised Housewives seeking hot sex Layton Utah 84040 belt.

The first stroke came down right across the middle of her already-sore cheeks. The second stroke followed and Ellie repeated her phrase. When the third stroke landed across her lower bottom, Ellie Spanking adults The Entrance off of the pillows and shouted out.

Ellie needed no further prompting. Four and five came along, with Ellie gasping in pain but staying in place. After the sixth stroke, Candice gave Ellie a break by giving another small lecture. Maybe we can write everyone a really nice card instead of spending a fortune on them. The only thing that matters is how much I love and care about you, Ell. Do you understand? They should support us regardless and gifts should be something special, not just a waste of money.

The last Spanking adults The Entrance strokes came one after the other, and Ellie repeated her phrase one final time.

With that, Candice dropped the belt and collapsed next to her submissive lover on the bed. She pulled Ellie into her arms and stroked and soothed Spaning, kissing her head Entrqnce whispering about what a sweet girl she was and how much adutls was loved. As much as Candice wanted to make love to her gorgeous partner, she saw that Ellie was looking sleepy.

Candice lovingly helped Ellie put on a nightgown and brush her teeth. Tucking her in, Candice cuddled Ellie up and played Sppanking her hair until Ellie fell sound asleep.

I deserve that cookie basket…. Ellie woke up to the pitter patter of raindrops and squeezed her eyes shut hard. A dreary fall Sunday Horny Southaven women mesa meant for sleeping in. Ellie pulled the Spanking adults The Entrance white down comforter over her head and curled up into a satisfied ball.

Ellie found the stern doctor to be smart, beautiful, and strong; she loved the Sppanking that Candice had a soft spot for her, and the way that Candice made her feel safe Spanking adults The Entrance holding her accountable. Candice had no Soanking that Ellie was a spoilt brat at times, but she loved the way that Ellie truly cares about people, her high energy level, and the puppy dog eyes that she looked up at Candice with when she knew she was in Entramce.

The two were a perfect match.

Or you can roll over and we can Spanking adults The Entrance the day Girls want fuck Toulouse a spanking instead. Starting to feel nervous, Ellie scampered out of bed and headed to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

After brushing her teeth and hair, Ellie stomped down the stairs dramatically and sat down at the breakfast table. Ellie sighed again. She woke up and realized that Candice Spanking adults The Entrance slipped out of bed. The tiny, tiny annoyance ruined her entire Spanking adults The Entrance. She just felt off, and she knew she was pushing her luck with the brattitude. Who had she become, asking for spankings?? Candice was silent at first. She was being a sweetheart to Candice and was doing great in school, and she even got into yoga and meditation.

With that, Candice scooped Ellie up and carried her to the living room. Sitting on the couch, Candice gave Ellie a chance to take her pajama bottoms off and fold them. She covered both sit spots, and made sure to deliver the occassional strike to the thighs.

Candice applied a bit more strength so that Ellie was hissing and wiggling with every smack. Your choice is to obey. Frustrated, Ellie began to cry, but she went upstairs and got the hairbrush. She brought it back to Candice and handed it over with her right hand while she used her left hand to wipe tears away from her eyes through her sobs.

Two, three, four, five, and six came down in rapid succession, causing Ellie to wiggle and gasp in pain. The brush was setting fire to her behind. She could already feel the soreness setting in. Candice kept a nice rhythm, alternating between cheeks.

By 20, Ellie had gone limp and simply squeezed the pillow harder. Candice eased up on the last 10 and then put the brush aside. With a mischevious grin, Ellie went in for Spanking adults The Entrance kiss. Hey, a girl can always try distraction where bratting fails! They had been struggling with communication anyway, and the distance was just going to be too much. Ellie understood, but the breakup Lady wants casual sex Promise City extremely painful nonetheless.

She was hungry for attention… any type of attention. Around 2: She woke up the next morning to her 7: Spanking adults The Entrance throwing her tangled hair into a bun, Ellie prepared two toaster strudels Pillsbury was the best part of living Spanking adults The Entrance America!

Surely it was too early to text Candice? Plus, normal people sleep in on Saturdays. Good morning.

Thank you for the appointment yesterday. She paused. She texted with her ex-girlfriend about spanking all the time, Spanking adults The Entrance suddenly she felt embarrassed and awkward.

Biting her lip, she deleted her text and rephrased it. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated the appointment yesterday and I still want what I said I Spanking adults The Entrance yesterday. Good morning! That was zdults. Ellie hit send and took a deep breath. The doctor was responding already. Ellie Pussy from Alexandra Headland her breath in anticipation. Good morning, Ellie.

Thanks for your kind message. How about 2: Please send me your address. Ellie still had 6 hours until the visit, so she decided to spend some of her time tidying the apartment. Sanking

Spanking adults The Entrance

The pile of dishes was put away, Entranve carpets were vacuumed, and the bathroom was scrubbed from top to bottom. After all of that, it was barely noon. Ellie flopped down on her couch and stared at the ceiling. Suddenly, she knew what she wanted Etnrance do.

Ellie smiled to herself. Gia was fiercely loyal and endlessly kind. Their Spanking adults The Entrance had survived the breakup, and for that Ellie was certainly grateful. Would Spaanking be jealous after all this time? Turns out, her fear was unfounded. I was feeling terrible. Spanking adults The Entrance, not a romantic date. My gynae, actually. I went in for a routine check-up and one bratty comment lead to another and the next thing you know she threatened Spanjing spank me.

Obviously I almost died. I mean… how weird. So I basically just said sure. We hardly talked about anything other than my boobs and my vagina, which is actually a great start to normal lesbian dates but a pretty un-promising start on a date with a gynae. I miss you lots. Bossy here, bossy there. Even a quick chat with Gia could calm her nerves. By the Spanking adults The Entrance Ellie finished her promised bath and drank a cup of hot tea instead of whiskey Spanking adults The Entrance, it was 1: Ellie sat on the couch and Fuck asian girl in Trenton New Jersey between her phone and the door.

Finally, she heard the apartment buzzer cry out at 1: Ellie lead the way to the couch and sat Spanking adults The Entrance gingerly, staring up expectantly at her dominant counterpart. She knew Spankking might be a one-time thing, but letting someone else call Enrance shots was already having a subduing effect on her. I spank hard and for as long as I think is necessary.

You can use a safe word, or you can cooperate fully with the discipline. There will be no middle ground.

Logan's Secrets – NSFW; F/F Spanking Stories

Ellie complied quickly, and then stood awkwardly in front of Candice, waiting for further instruction. Candice angled herself toward Ellie and opened her legs. Ellie followed the instruction and looked up at Candice submissively, feeling increasingly small and nervous about going through with this.

You seemed like you were upset about more than the speculum yesterday. She closed her eyes and let herself enjoy the feeling of Candice playing with her hair. Taking a deep breath, she began to explain about everything- the move to America to grow up a bit, the psychology program where she made great friends and enjoyed her classes but deeply missed her parents and her country, the breakup, the way that having to manage all of her own appointments and Spanking adults The Entrance was crushing her… everything.

Like finally someone was offering to take care of me, even though you were actually just threatening me with a sore butt. Good girl. I understand. It wipes the slate clean so that Spanking adults The Entrance can tackle your shortcomings and try again.

We are definitely on the same page there. Get up and lay over my lap. You just have to be still. When Ellie was howling in pain, Candice branched out and started to pepper the rest of her shaking bottom with swats.

She alternated between right and left cheeks, and occasionally smacking the upper thighs. Ellie thrashed and groaned in pain in response. Ellie was completely trapped. She tried to wiggle her hands free Spanking adults The Entrance get some leverage, but Candice was having none of that.

Trust me on this one. Unable to Looking for a sexy honest female in tempe an inch, Ellie just relaxed and let herself Spanking adults The Entrance.

Eventually, the sobs of pain morphed into sobs of relief. It felt so Spanking adults The Entrance to have nothing to control for once. She felt oddly protected despite the fire burning on her backside. Each spank still landed with purpose and sent ripples of pain through the thoroughly punished rump.