K’Paui…Sweet coconut and chocolatey
malt create a German chocolate
cake effect; it’s more
drinkable than that sounds.

~The Beer Baron (Chris Drosner)

Bent Kettle Taproom Finds Appreciative Fans in Fort

March 17, 2017 — DAILY JEFFERSON COUNTY UNION, Fort Atkinson — Taproom feature story.

Beer Buzz: Down by the Water in the Isthmus

February 2, 2017 — ISTHMUS — Robin Shepard visits the new Bent Kettle Taproom in downtown Fort Atkinson.

Beer Events in and around Milwaukee

January 17, 2017 — MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL  — Kathy Flaningan announces the opening of the Bent Kettle Taproom.

New Craft Beer Flavors from Bent Kettle Trending Popular in WI
January 02, 2017 — WISCONSIN NEWS — A new craft beer tasting event at Growlers to Go Go in Madison December 2016 was a fantastic success. Bent Kettle microbrewery is a new popular choice in Wisconsin bars and restaurants. Known and loved for their bold and innovative new IPA beer flavors of craft and double IPA beers. Bent Kettle Brewing is frequently featured at local beer festivals.

Craft Brew Event: Bent Kettle Tap Takeover at Growlers to Go Go in Madison, WI
December 08, 2016 — PRESS — A craft beer tap takeover event at Growlers to Go Go in Madison is slated for December 8, 2016 starting at Noon featuring new flavors of Bent Kettle craft beer. Experimental craft brews on tap: Raspberry porter, Vanilla bean porter, Base Porter, Mole spiced porter, K’PAUI and rum barrel aged K’PAUI.

Microbrew Beer K’Paui Coconut Porter Surging in Popularity
November 22, 2016: It seems that a taste bud nerve has been struck with K’Paui Coconut Porter microbrew beer, and it’s beginning to resonate far and wide.

Bent Kettle Debuts New Occam’s Razor Belgian Style Dubbel
November 19, 2016: On November 5th, 2016 at the Fest-Of-Ale at the Holiday Inn Express in Janesville, WI Bent Kettle offered a new microbrew beer. New on tap: The debut of Occam’s Razor Belgian Style Dubbel Ale 7% ABV.

Beer Baron Columnist Gives Thumbs-Up to K’Paui from Bent Kettle Microbrewery
09/29/2016 — Fort Atkinson, WI — (SBWIRE) — Beer Baron Columnist, Chris Drosner, has released a new in-depth review on K’Paui, microbrewery Bent Kettle’s newest flavor of craft beer, and which he aptly described as “Candy bar in a glass.”

Robin Shepard’s “Best of” picks 
8/15/16 — Madison, WI — (Isthmus) In the article A Day of Fabulous Finds, beer writer Robin Shepard shares his opinion that K’PAUI was his favorite dessert beer at the Great Taste of Midwest Beer Festival!

K’Paui Coconut Porter Debuts at Great Taste of Midwest Beer Festival 8/2016
08/12/2016 — Fort Atkinson, WI — (ReleaseWire) — Darkness will fall on Madison, WI as K’Paui Coconut Porter makes its maiden voyage at The Great Taste of Midwest Beer Festival on August 13, 2016.  Read the Beer Baron’s comments about K’PAUI.

Crazy Kegs Beer Blogger Review of Insolence, Thwack & Go Fasters Craft Beers
07/18/2016 — Fort Atkinson, WI — (SBWIRE):  Crazy Kegs released a new post recently featuring three beers from Bent Kettle Brewing, a Wisconsin-based craft brewery that has been brewing craft beer the way it should be. “If you’re lucky enough to live in or near the land of cheese, brats and beer, you should make sure you try some Bent Kettle craft beers,” said the Crazy Kegs reviewer.

Strongest Beer Bent Kettle Featured at ‘Brews and Blues Festival’ in Lancaster WI
07/18/2016 — Fort Atkinson, WI — (SBWIRE): The recent goings-on in the news about Bent Kettle Brewing, a local favorite of strongest beer lovers in Wisconsin

Microbrewery Bent Kettle Offers Private Label Craft Brew Made Custom for Events & Parties
May 12, 2016 — A popular Wisconsin based microbrewery craft beer company is now offering custom made private labeling of their craft brews for special events and parties.

Bent Kettle Beer Now in Cans: Insolence and Thwack!
April 14, 2016 — Flavor innovators using their brewing creativity to make some truly new and interesting blends such as Insolence and another popular craft beer called Thwack. In canning their beers they adhere to the same levels of attention to high quality as their draft brews.

Bent Kettle Brewing Featured at 7th Annual Isthmus Beer & Cheese Festival, Madison WI
18, January 2016: Sample the best craft beer from Bent Kettle Brewing at the Isthmus Beer and Cheese Fest, Jan. 16 at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin this January 16, 2016.

Craft Beer Rising Star: Bent Kettle Brewing Invited to join the 7th An. Isthmus Beer & Cheese Fest
Jan 16, 2016 – Kicking off the 7th year of the Annual Isthmus Beer & Cheese Fest, Bent Kettle Brewing, a new craft beer company based in Marshall, WI, was approached by the event organizers to feature BKB Beers in front of the sold out crowd of 5000 craft beer fans

Bent Kettle Unveils New Bier de Garde called Disregarde at the Sold Out 7th Annual Isthmus Beer and Cheese Festival
January 12, 2016  by , Craft beer fans love and seek out rare and special brews to enjoy.   One of the most popular events to do that is the Annual Isthmus Beer and Cheese Festival held in Madison, WI. Bent Kettle was invited to be at this year’s Isthmus Beer and Cheese Fest and they are unveiling a new Bier de Garde…

Craft Beer Bent Kettle Increasingly Popular in Wisconsin Bars and Restaurants
November 26, 2015 – Sharing their craft beers with the world while connecting with other craft beer fans along the way. New locations are being added weekly! Bent Kettle craft beers now on tap at the following restaurants and bars…

Bent Kettle Featured at Fort Atkinson Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards Event
Jim Jorgenson and Mark Cook, owners of Fort Atkinson’s own Bent Kettle Brewing, provided IPA beer for the Fort Atkinson Chamber of Commerce annual awards event held in October, 2015.

What You Don’t Know About Master Brewer Mark Cook, Visionary Founder of Bent Kettle Craft Beer
In the popular and growing field of craft beer brewing, there are a few individuals who go on to quiet greatness as makers of fine craft beers. Today we cast the spotlight upon Master Brewer Mark Cook of Bent Kettle Brewing, a modest genius among brewers who is in it solely for the love of a glass of fine craft beer.

The Man Behind Bent Kettle Craft Beer: Mark Cook, Master Brewer in Marshall, WI
Pulling back the curtain of mystery surrounding one of the true greats in craft beer brewing, Master Brewer Mark Cook of Bent Kettle Brewing is revealed.

Bent Kettle featured in Craft Beer Festival Madison WI, Isthmus Magazine Hosts
Bent Kettle Brewing in Madison WI is being featured at a beer festival hosted by Madison’s Isthmus Magazine on September 26th, 2015. Bent Kettle reps set to attend. They will be showcasing many of their unique flavored craft beers at the event. Read more about the craft beer festival.

Bent Kettle Live on Radio Friday July 31, 2015 WFAW AM940 Interview
Press Release — July 27, 2015 — Fort Atkinson, WI.- Bent Kettle Brewery founders Mark Cook and Jim Jorgenson will be on the air live this Friday morning at 9am on the “Morning Magazine” show with host Michael Clish. The station is WFAW-AM940 in Fort Atkinson, WI.

Best Craft Beers Microbrewery Bent Kettle Popular New Draft on Tap in WI Bars
July 22, 2015 – Fort Atkinson WI: Bent Kettle Brewing craft beers spreading like wild fire across Wisconsin. The microbrewery is working with local bars, restaurants and other favorite watering holes to get their new flavors of draft IPA and best craft beers on tap.

Bent Kettle Brewing Meet & Greet at Milwaukee Burger Company, Appleton WI
July 12, 2015 – Appleton, WI: Bent Kettle Brewing is holding a meet and greet at the Milwaukee Burger Company in Appleton on Thursday July 16th 2015 starting at 5pm. They’ll have Insolence Double IPA and their other new flavor of smoked IPA on tap called Thwack!

New IPA Beer Insolence by Bent Kettle Gaining Popularity in WI Bars
July 09, 2015 – Fort Atkinson WI: The biggest new trend in double IPA beers right now seems to be newcomers Bent Kettle Brewing with their flagship double IPA beer called Insolence.

Beer Buzz Talks about Bent Kettle Beer
by  April 8, 2015
Bent Kettle Brewing plans to introduce its beer to Madison in early May. The company, with offices in Fort Atkinson, is the latest beer maker to announce plans to serve southern Wisconsin. Mark Cook of Marshall and Jim Jorgenson of Fort Atkinson are working with Madison’s House of Brews to launch – Read more

Bent Kettle Brewing Features Flagship Craft Beer Insolence in Upcoming Fantasy Thriller ASARUM
PRLogApril 30, 2015MADISON, Wis. – Bent Kettle Brewing’s Craft Beer, Insolence, is the flagship invention of owner and master brewer, Mark Cook, and will be featured in the soon-to-be, breakout indie fantasy thriller movie ASARUM.