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Mostly Fleetwood seeks unique

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Rumours, the album that topped the charts for six months, Mostly Fleetwood seeks unique sold almost 8 million copies and Sex personals in Toutle sells overcopies weekly.

Released in February, Rumours sold enough copies at its peak to go gold twice a month, platinum every thirty days. Multimillion monsters have become commonplace in the record business. Consider the history of the gold and platinum awards the industry through the Recording Industry Association of America makes Mostly Fleetwood seeks unique LPs that move xeeks tonnage.

Unsanctioned platinum awards appeared sporadically for the next several years despite RIAA protests.

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But in the RIAA raised the gold standard tounits to compensate for increases in wholesale record prices, and because of the increasingly large market was Mostly Fleetwood seeks unique to officially sanction platinum. Platinum has replaced gold as confirmation of star Mostly Fleetwood seeks unique, and record companies advertise LPs as double, triple and soon who knows? The Greatest Albums of All Time: Fleetwood Mac — Fleetwood Mac.

Fleetwood Mac, the album that preceded Rumours, sold well over 3 million units, but finished in the middle of the pack, despite being the largest-selling record in the history of Warner Bros.

What no one has been able to determine is what separates Fleetwood Mac from the rest of the pack. However, certain things are obvious. In the first place, they are the most spectacular illustration of the theory that every admirable but unsuccessful artist in Sixties rock is succeeding in the late Seventies: Boz Scaggs and Bob Seger are other prominent examples. Mostly Fleetwood seeks unique of the cheap shots that were taken at Peter Ladies want nsa Slatersville have been aimed at Fleetwood Mac.

This has something to do with their attitude. David Young, a youthful Warner Bros. LP promotion Mostly Fleetwood seeks unique, remembers driving away from the Kirshner Rock Awards where Fleetwood Mac had been acclaimed, though hardly so heavily as this year.

Then she said: Mick Fleetwood puts it another way.

Mostly Fleetwood seeks unique

Mostly Fleetwood seeks unique speaks of maintaining taste and integrity with a passion that seems fresh because everyone else seems to have left theirs in the Sixties. Mick Fleetwood sits in his wheelchair quite naturally, considering that seeke must double up his six-and-a-half-foot body to get into it.

But his arms jut out at awkward angles while he spins around a cavernous sound stage in the Hollywood Studio Instrument Rental complex.

For now, the rumors of disintegration have virtually disappeared. John McVie is at his home in Hawaii.

Big (Fleetwood) Mac: The Cover Story – Rolling Stone

Mostly Fleetwood seeks unique a quick update of Fleetwood s faintly Byzantine history is in order. Initially, they Mosly joined by two other artists, Jeremy Spencer, a rowdy somewhat in the Keith Moon tradition, and Danny Kirwan, a more pop-oriented young Englishman.

Women Who Rock: Each Flleetwood pushed the group closer to mainstream rock. As if to complete the transition, replacements were found in Lindsey Buckingham, a guitarist who wrote, and Stevie Nicksa writer who sang, refugees from upper-class San Francisco suburbs.

Other crises were intermingled with the personnel changes, Mostly Fleetwood seeks unique course.

The real group won its suit and continued, with Welch, Fleetwood and John Nuique sharing the managerial reigns. After Welch left and McVie withdrew, Fleetwood continued with the job.

Fleetwood Fleetwoov making decisions for Mostly Fleetwood seeks unique people is fairly easy, mostly because the group shares essentially the same instincts. This struck me as another relic of the Sixties, but it clearly works. During the recording of Rumours the stories of strife between Buckingham and Nicks and John and Christine McVie led to a great deal of speculation about how long the band Mostly Fleetwood seeks unique stay together.

But the dissension had nothing to do with business, however much it may have gotten in the way. As Warner Bros.

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We just chose not to have anyone poking their nose in; we felt we could do Wife seeking nsa Lackawanna on our own. I think, for instance, that if someone from outside had been handling the band, we probably would have broken up when there were problems.

One of the places where self-control was most telling was in the making of Rumours itself. But according to Fleetwood, the sessions took so long not because of personal strife, but precisely because Mostly Fleetwood seeks unique sensed they werepoised for a breakthrough. But we felt it was warranted because we were working on making what was good better and better and better and better. And the Mostly Fleetwood seeks unique company was really very good.

He would be uniqie out about how much money we were spending, and tend to feel a little intimidated about the money. We were gonna get this thing pretty much how we wanted it — as near as you can ever get. And we did. Greatest Breakthrough Moments — Stevie Nicks joins Fleetwood Mac. To the degree that Fleetwood Mac is surrounded by conventional star-making machinery, it Mostly Fleetwood seeks unique tend to become insulated.

Seeking to speak with the group, I was told that everyone was unavoidably tied up, making hasty preparations for their Pacific tour. Perhaps, however, if I were willing to take a chance at sitting around, for a few hours, or more probably a couple of days, Moztly might be able to have a brief word with Mick Fleetwood.

Of course, no promises were made. In the end, Fleetwood was far too courteous to keep me waiting.

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None of this adequately explains the difference between selling 8 million records and, say, 3 million. But nearly everyone I spoke to at Warner Bros. Derek Taylor has been making up theories about pop music since a new Liverpool group called the Beatles was playing English movie theaters and he has a few about Fleetwood Mac.

And he goes on to explain the individual members of the group as national archetypes. Christine is just the essence of a certain type of North to Midlands British. But it is finally as inadequate as saying that Fleetwood Mac succeeded simply by continuing to make records for more than a decade.

And anyway, there is continuity here, if not within the band, then outside it. Like the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac assembles its songs piecemeal — a hot guitar here, harmonies Mostly Fleetwood seeks unique — and builds them on a firm and powerful blues-based rhythm Free local Sioux City Iowa ladies sex profile. For this time and place, it is equally important that Fleetwood Mac is Mostly Fleetwood seeks unique first successful white group since the Mamas and Papas to fully integrate women into its creative framework.

And that is what finally brought Rumours home in such a massive way. Its songs were made by people not unlike the best parts of you and me: And God knows, there are plenty more than 8 million of those in America. Which brings us to the final question, which concerns not what has happened, but what will.

All the Mostly Fleetwood seeks unique said that Fleetwood Mac should have gone the way of all good British blues bands: Because he is the most objective of the group, it remained for John Mc Vie to sum up the down side of the future. Mick Fleetwood seems determined to Mostly Fleetwood seeks unique that inevitable moment for as long as possible.

He is a businessman by avocation; between management and music, there is no choice. Oh, I know, it sounds like a pipe dream. But I also know what Mick Fleetwood predicted for Rumours last summer, when the album had sold only 4 million: I thought it would do like 8 or 9 million.

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