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But these days, he does not consider himself fortunate.

Wang, the founder of an Experimsnt start-up. Many people in China celebrated the decision by Someone to fuck Jaen Communist Party last monthafter more than three decades of the Lonely Experiment daughter policy, to allow married couples to have two children, calling it a rare human rights victory in a country where freedoms are tightly restricted.

But for some of the more than million young Lonely Experiment daughter who grew dakghter as only children, the announcement has reawakened feelings of isolation and regret, according to interviews with more than two dozen of them. Some have reacted with frustration as they confront the reality that their generation will be a historical aberration, a year blip.

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Sometimes I Lonely Experiment daughter whether it is fair. Those entering adulthood now will form the backbone of Chinese society at a pivotal moment, as the ranks of the elderly grow rapidly and as the economy faces new strains, including a shortage of workers.

In Fat ass mid Olathe Kansas girls, members of the one-child generation said they grew up hearing that they were among the most blessed generations in Chinese history, having avoided Lonely Experiment daughter poverty and brutal conflicts experienced by their parents Lonely Experiment daughter grandparents, only to realize later that they would have to shoulder the burden of taking care of aging parents, in-laws and children without the support of siblings.

After the change to the one-child Lonely Experiment daughter was announced late last monthonly children revived a familiar thought experiment: What would life be like with a brother or sister? Li Luochen, 26, who works in marketing for a video game company, said that as a child she enjoyed receiving undivided attention from her parents.

But now that Lonely Experiment daughter is an adult and her parents are urging her to have children, she wishes she had a brother to turn to. In social media posts, some Chinese have called on the government to offer an apology or compensation for the fact that they were denied a sibling.

Lonely Experiment daughter said nothing could be done to alleviate the hardships. Some experts still defended the policy, which was begun in response to concerns about the impact of overpopulation Loneky natural resources.

It is unusually well educated, with more than 85 percent of children born in the s having attended high school.

They Lonely Experiment daughter have more intimate relationships with their parents, who doted on them for much of their lives but also imposed high expectations.

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They also tend to exhibit traits not as prevalent in children who have siblings, such as selfishness, pessimism and risk aversion, according to a study by Australian researchers. A sharp rise in births could help replenish the national labor supply and pay for pensions and benefit packages for retirees, who will make up a third of the population by But some analysts Experjment the one-child policy had become redundant: As China developed Expperiment urbanized, families were choosing to have fewer children Lonely Experiment daughter.

When the government relaxed restrictions on the one-child policy Eperimentallowing couples to have two Lonely Experiment daughter if one of the parents was an only child, the reaction was tepid; only about 14 percent of Lonely Experiment daughter couples took advantage of the change.

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Lonely Experiment daughter Now that many of the one-child generation have reached prime childbearing age themselves, they are struggling to decide whether to have that second child, given the high cost of raising children in Chinese cities. They worry that the economy might force them to inflict on their children the same loneliness they endured because of policy.

Others said they were eager to have two children so that their offspring would not experience the isolation they had Lonely Experiment daughter in their youth.

Huang Haitao, 30, a planning executive at Xinhua, a state-run news agency, in Beijing, said he worried that his children would feel even more isolated than his generation, since they would lack aunts, uncles or cousins. Lonely Experiment daughter will have none of that.

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Wang, the Internet company founder, said that many Chinese families had forgotten that having a large family was a natural part of life. A Chinese proverb says that having Lonely Experiment daughter son and a daughter makes a family complete.

A version of this article appears in print onon Page A4 of the New York edition with the headline: Open in the app.