Our Name

Many people ask. “Why are you named Bent Kettle Brewing? What’s that about?”

We’ve always liked the word “bent.”  It takes on multiple meanings for us: bends and dents, focus & determination, and not straight or true to form.  Perfectly imperfect.  Kettle is fairly obvious, it’s a traditional brewing vessel used to create beer.

“Bent” actually describes our philosophy regarding craft beer recipes: non-conformist, irreverent, experimental and artisan; using non-traditional ingredients in traditional beers, and following traditional best brewing practices to ensure safety and quality.

We believe in conducting our public and private affairs in a moral, legal and ethical fashion, and we also believe that maintaining the highest quality product possible is paramount. The adage “It takes a lifetime to establish a reputation and an instant to ruin it” always applies.

The microbrewery team at Bent Kettle Brewing has a strong work ethic, doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

“We’re bent on bending our kettles, and the rules, to bring you great beer!”