Jim Jorgenson

Jim Jorgenson is a Wisconsin born and bred family man.  

His hometown is Oconomowoc and his family upbringing shaped his values and taught him skills that make him a great asset to the partnership of Bent Kettle Brewing.

Charles, his dad, was a Waukesha County deputy sheriff. His mom, Bernice raised 5 kids. (She definitely had the tougher job!)

Jim owns Jorgenson Press and has spent the past four decades in the printing industry. He has traveled the world as a service engineer installing, servicing, and moving printing presses and related equipment.  Initially he was a technician, then a Service Manager and, since 1995, a business owner.

In 1995, Jim and his business partner, Jerry Korte, formed Jorgenson Press.  During that time they built a successful equipment dealership as well as a large import ink distributorship. He has installed over 200 presses to date–all over the world.  Jim worked extensively with manufacturers and engineering teams from around the world.  Jorgenson Press was one of the first dealers to import presses from the former Czech Republic after the fall of the Soviet Union and sold the very first machines from there in this country.

In 1989 Jim found himself in China for about a month evaluating machines built at several plants. That turned out to be a very tumultuous time to be in Beijing.  The events at Tiananmen Square actually unfolded before his eyes.  All these years later, Jim’s memory of that time has never faded.  It left an indelible impression on him and made him thankful to be a United States citizen and proud to call Wisconsin his home. 

Jim and Jerry were successfully in business together until 2008. Jerry passed away that year. Since then, Jim has been sole owner of Jorgenson Press.

Jim now lives with his wife, Connie Meyer, in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin where he met Mark at the party of a mutual friend.  Jim and Mark connected over a beer and began the conversation about beer and business. Making beer is a true passion of Mark’s and Mark successfully planted the seed that eventually converted Jim from a consumer to an aspiring producer.

At the time Jim was in search of a new direction for his energies, skills and talents as a process, procedure and quality control expert.  Working with Mark at Bent Kettle Brewing seemed to be the perfect fit. Mark has the creative insight and attention to detail for creating amazing beers, and Jim has significant knowledge of equipment, systems, processing, safety and quality control.  They worked out details that allowed the complementary skills sets to mesh and proceeded to form a company.

Jim shares:

“Mark has never wavered in his commitment to this venture. I haven’t either though I had a bit of a setback with spine surgery several years ago. I’m doing well now but it was a hard road. As I convalesced, I had a lot of time to think–and dream.  I couldn’t be more excited about our beer, our team, and our dream.”

It is clear that Jim’s role as quality control and operations manager in the printing industry, adding a LEAN approach to business and production is proving to be valuable to Bent Kettle Brewing.