Taproom Closed on Saturday, August 12

The taproom will be closed on Saturday, August 12 so we can attend the Great Taste of the Midwest in Madison.  We hope to see you there!

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Keep up with our latest news about our taproom.  Learn about the outside seating, the new art, the cafe that’s opening in our building and more by reading our latest newsletter.  Didn’t get a newsletter […]

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Our friends recently went to the Boundary Waters without us.  We didn’t get a T-shirt but we did get this great photo of Insolence on location.  The photo is courtesy of friend and fellow beer […]

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What’s Being Said About Bent Kettle

Read about us from the Squeaky Curd’s perspective. Thank you for stopping by and helping spread the word. We sure appreciate your support!

The Squeaky Curd Stopped By

K’PAUI: “Candy bar in a glass! The coconut billows out of the glass, sweet and tropical

and perfectly pairing with the chocolatey, slightly roasty malt for an effect that brought

me back to childhood slices of German chocolate cake. From that aroma you’d expect it

to be sticky-sweet, and all the sugars are not fermented away. But thanks to deft hopping

and careful malt selection K’Paui is able to deliver all that coconut and chocolate

character with enough balance — just the right amount of sizzling bitterness on the finish

— to invite further sips. As the soft, smooth and enveloping beer warms, the malty

chocolate emerges in the aroma and flavor, overtaking the still-there coconut as the

foremost flavor. It’s the kind of beer that figures to do well in small sips at a festival, but

because you get all that candy-bar flavor without the sweetness, it’s easy to go through a

whole tallboy or two.”

Beer Baron, Chris Drosner

Taproom Patron